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So, that's it for the Busy Doesn't Equal Success course! Now that you have your schedule, you can use it plus the tips and tricks you've picked up along the way to create a productive, balanced and healthy workweek. 

Over the past five weeks, you've gotten clear on what you're doing and what you're going after, you've learned why busy-ness isn't something we should be striving for and why it's important to prioritise yourself. You've also learned how to manage your time and get shit done without burning out. 

As a final note, I just wanted to mention something. Sometimes, the lines are going to crossed. Sometimes, you're going to need to be 'hustling'- whether that's staying up past your bedtime to finish a proposal or checking your phone outside of office hours because you're waiting for the green light on a project. Sometimes, things will feel unbalanced. That's life. The key thing to remember is that you're not a bad person if you need to be busy for a couple of weeks out of the 52. The last thing I want to do with all of this 'busy doesn't equal success' chat is make someone feel unworthy or wrong if they need to go full-hog for a period of time. We just might need to do it sometimes. But, those times will not go on forever. As long as you are aware of the fact it's not sustainable to work in a state of hustle long-term, and that balance and your wellbeing is a priority usually, that's fine. Don't put extra pressure on yourself (you already have enough!). Do what works for you, what spurs you on and what gives you joy. That's the vital part. 

Also, I didn't want to make a whole lesson out of this next point as I'm in no way a nutritionist or personal trainer or anyone qualified to be giving health advice but there's a lot to be said for keeping hydrated, sticking to a fairly healthy diet and getting some exercise in at some point during your workweek. All of those things do wonders for your balance, productivity and wellbeing so I'd definitely keep that in mind. 

I so hope you've found this course helpful and that you feel you can now create a schedule that puts you first and enables you to reach your version of success. Keep reconnecting to your Why, your version of success and your ideal workweek and that will keep it all in check. Now, celebrate! Pop open the fizz, get the balloons out. You've earned it. Gone are the days where burn out is worn as a badge of honour. It's time to prioritise you. You are so worthy.

If you want to go even further in this work with me on a 1-2-1 basis, do have a look at my coaching services such as my 6 month package "Magnet for Success" and we can keep you on track to your version of success.

I'm always cheering you on! Well done, you've absolutely smashed it.