As a small business owner myself, I know just what you're feeling right now. You love your job- you feel so incredibly lucky to be creating something for you, but there something's missing. You can't quite put your finger on it.

Or perhaps you're deciding whether or not it's time to be your own boss- you know you're made for bigger things, you're just not sure what that looks like or how to achieve it.

Through coaching, I help you see the bigger picture, give you a sounding board to jump ideas off of, and get you to see just how capable you are of achieving amazing things.

It's not my style to 'fix' or tell you what to do; I much prefer guiding you to the answer you need, getting you to think about the 'why', and helping you make your dream a reality.

I currently have two coaching packages which you can see more about below.


'Magnet for Success' 6 month Package

Are you struggling to move forward in your business, or even get started in the first place? Do you want to get focused, and find direction in your venture? Are you craving to live the life that you desire and deserve? 

Over 6 months, we will work together to find ultimate clarity, purpose and growth within your business. With 12 sessions, we will have the opportunity to go deep, and help find you pure joy and success in your brand.

The whole package is completely personalised to you and your brand, so you know that you’re getting the best advice and knowledge for you.


Payment plans available


Power Sessions 

Do you have a killer business idea, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to be a one girl band, and make a difference with your products or services, but feel you aren’t ‘good enough’ or that you’re too scared to get started? 

Or have you already launched your business? Do you know your product or service inside out, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do next? Do you think there aren’t enough hours in the day? Feel like you’re stuck, or that you’re ebbing and flowing?

In these two hour, 1-2-1 personalised sessions, I help women realise their amazing potential, so that you can become confident and empowered to start, or level up, your business.


Payment plans available