OGB Expertise Session on Personal Branding

OGB Expertise Session on Personal Branding


Our Expertise Sessions are back with a new format! From now on, we'll be hosting regular ES's that consist of 2 or 3 speakers talking about a certain subject that'll help you grow your business and brand. They'll range from branding to self care, accounting to content marketing

This session is about personal branding.

As creative business owners, freelancers, bloggers etc, being visible and putting our brands out there online is vital if you want to attract your ideal customers and reach new heights. But how do we do this authentically, without leaving our integrity and values at the wayside? 

We have three wonderful speakers coming in who all, respectively, have expertise in social media, branding photography and brand/website design, and know just how you can create results whilst remaining true to yourself.

    Becky Rui, an international Personal Branding Photographer, will be talking about:

    "The world is such a visual place, and imagery can play a huge part in our brands success when we use it in the right way. Being self employed women in business, in a world where the technology we depend on is constantly evolving and ways of working and marketing ourselves are really quite new, how do we show up online in a way that feels good, sustainable, in integrity and attract our ideal clients?

    In my talk, I will be sharing about the importance of photography in business and how it impacts our brands, how to use imagery in your business to take it to the next level in your website, Instagram, mailers, and what you need to consider for your next shoot.

    Alongside the focus on photography, I also want to open space for discussion about having a personal brand in general, a space to voice our questions and thoughts around how we come across online and the pressures we find when we bravely show up as the face of our business.

    My aim is for you to come away reminded of your greatness, feeling less alone in this, knowing that it is safe for you to show up as yourself, with new ideas and clarity around how you can use photography to grow your business and share your message in a way that feels exciting for you!"

    Shelley from Polka Dot Petal, a PR, Social Media and Copywriting Consultancy will be talking about:

    • Why it’s important to be yourself (and not another generic account) when building your social media following
    • How to be true to you when it seems like everyone else is doing the same
    • Finding YOUR followers
    • Connecting with people who get YOU
    • Combatting the 'pressure to post' feeling, just because you feel you have to

    Cat, from Gatto Web, will be talking about:

    • DIY-ing your brand and colour palette (keeping it simple if you want to create your brand yourself and how to use colours which reflect your image)
    • Creating a branding guide (having a template to refer to when creating graphics, updating your website and using your logo)
    • The best way to DIY your website (using Squarespace to create your own website which looks professional and on-brand)
    • How to portray your brand on your website (where to include logo's, how to keep your design cohesive, using graphics to increase your brand's reach).
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