OGB Expertise Session // Vision Board Workshop

OGB Expertise Session // Vision Board Workshop


Will 2019 be everything you want it to be? Will you really achieve those big dreams? Do you even know what those big dreams are?! 

You and your vision board can absolutely make it happen! 

Donna Louise has been using vision boards for the last three years and they’ve had a huge impact on her daily practice, her business, her relationships, her personal development and of course in manifesting her life.

In this two hour expertise session, Donna will show you how to create your own vision board tailored just for you and your dreams for the next 6 months. We will:

  • Learn what visualising is and how it really works

  • Understand the differences between a vision and a mission board

  • Piece together your own vision board

  • Discover your own personal affirmations

  • Connect and share your dreams with the group and celebrate the wins over the next 6 months 

All materials will be provided during the session but Donna will email you with a few recommendations of extra dream factory goodies you might want to bring with you.

Here’s to your best year yet! 


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