We believe in supporting one another.

One Girl Band is there for the self-identifying female creatives + entrepreneurs.

It's a collective where women from all walks of life can support and nurture one another, with no judgement or malice. We don't believe in stuffy networking events full of suits; we are laid-back, informal- sometimes pretty sweary, because that is what real life is.


We connect through our coworking space, as well as at our events and in our online community. We give women a chance to meet likeminded creatives and connect with those who are in the same boat.

We support One Girl Band's who are new, established, or aren't quite sure what they are. 

We empower through our expertise and resources to get you to where you want to be.


become a part of the gang

Do you sometimes feel isolated or lonely as a One Girl Band? Want to get out of the house?