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OGB Expertise Session // At H.EN

Join us for our next OGB Expertise Session.

This is where we will be joined by a speaker who has an area of expertise that will help us all in nurturing and growing our businesses. They will come and chat with you, giving you first-hand knowledge of subjects such as marketing, accounting, time management, self care, and everything else that goes into being an entrepreneur. 

Last time we had an expert in Marketing and the vibe was productive and relaxed.

Our second session will be with Dionne Elizabeth from Changing the Menu, who will talk about how to find, adapt and implement self care techniques into our daily working lives. 

Dionne has been creating art, music and wellness projects between UK and Norway since 2010, and is passionate about creating inclusive spaces to connect and inspire. 

In this session, we will explore how to be real about the way we take care of ourselves. 

We will be covering a range of related subjects including mindfulness, meditation, food + nutrition, being + living well, work/life balance, combating busy-ness, energy, creativity, and self care. We'll focus on ourselves for once, not our businesses.

Bring a pad and a pen and yourself. 

Buy your tickets below, and remember that all tickets include a free drink (including craft beer, wine, cocktails, the usual softs + tea and coffee). Food will also be available as well at a extra charge, so come and have some dinner whilst learning a thing or two.