Magic happens when women of different minds and passions gather together- even more so when they work around each other.

The One Girl Band Space is a home for that magic.

The OGB Space is a positive + creative space focused on uniting + supporting like-minded women who are tired of working from home + alone, and crave some interaction from someone other than the postman. This is for the freelancers, designers, writers, developers, creators, makers, writers, start ups; anyone who can work remotely.

Within our co-working environment, we bring together individual workers and give them the chance to have a place alongside each other, create relationships and work together; we're all about community over competition

As well as desk space, we have our OGB monthly meet ups + Expertise Sessions here, in addition to workshops and events hosted by other female movers + shakers. 


A dedicated home is needed for self-identifying creatives to feel comfortable, supported and empowered. They need a chance to move their businesses out of their homes, off of their kitchen tables to a place that is reasonably priced and doesn't take all of their hard-earned income. They need the opportunity to meet women just like them, to see that others are in the same boat. They deserve to create the life that they desire and they deserve to do that in a safe, calm environment.

I absolutely love OGB! The community as well as the office space. Joining was one of the best decisions I ever made for my business, without a doubt.
The OGB office is such a brilliant place, full of talented and supportive women - I always leave the office inspired and recharged PLUS I get so much more work done than at home. A truly amazing concept that has added a ton of value to my business and my life.
— Nadia Meli, Photographer

resident member 

  • Full time.

  • Includes everything (your desk + chair, small storage unit, internet, electric, rates).

  • Free admission to all OGB events (plus invites to our exclusive OGB Socials each month).

  • Discounted event hire rate.

  • Free tea + coffee.

Secondary Member

  • Part time, 3 days a week max.

  • On a hot-desk basis*.

  • Includes your co-working space, internet, electric, rates.

  • Free admission to all OGB events (plus invites to our exclusive OGB Socials each month.

  • Free tea + coffee.


Before joining One Girl Band, working as a freelance graphic designer was often isolating and uninspiring - despite doing something I love.
The space is somewhere that inspires and motivates me every time I walk in. Being surrounded by supportive, creative and wonderful women who also work for themselves has improved every part of my work - I’ve become more productive, creative and confident whilst meeting some amazing people!
— Emma F, Graphic Designer


  • There's a Vintage Market in the space on every first weekend of the month so we close early on the Friday's before/open later on the Monday's after but the price reflects this.

  • Opening times are currently Monday-Friday 8.30am-6pm on event days, 8pm on non-event days.

  • Both membership options are on a monthly rolling contract with a 30 day leave notice period.

  • £30 one-off sign up fee is required for all membership levels.

  • We are dog-friendly.

  • * You'll have a space on our large community table, rather than a desk.

  • Price is inclusive of VAT.

Images by Emma Croman