was started by Lola Hoad in 2015.

The name came from a series on her blog that shared her journey as a self-taught self-employed entrepreneur with her design studio LH design. When the posts started gaining popularity, Lola decided to move the conversation onto Instagram, where she hosted Q&A sessions on all things business. The wholehearted honesty and openness spoke to other creatives and Lola knew she had to get it out into the real world.

The first OGB meet up was in Brighton in May 2015 and she's been in love with getting female creatives in the same room with inspirational chat, good coffee and lots of laughs ever since.


the rest of the team

Molly Fenton // Partner + Designer

Molly is Lola’s right hand gal. As a multi-disciplinary graphic designer with a background in branding and typography, she works for and collaborates with passionate businesses and creative agencies to produce purposeful solutions that have valuable outcomes; whether that’s through editorial, branding, website design and development, photography or typography. 

Since graduating with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from Falmouth University, Molly has worked on a diverse range of projects with global brands including Citigroup, BSI & Diageo and SME’s such as Glow Organic Brighton, Kumbuk Eco Lodge Sri Lanka & She joined OGB as a partner in September 2017 after being a member at the Space, meaning she understands first hand how working with supportive, creative and like-minded women who also work for themselves can improve productivity, creativity and confidence.

Becca Field // Social Media and Community Manager 

Becca is the reason our Instagram looks so damn good. With a precise eye for curation and copy, Becca is a freelance social media and marketing manager.