a podcast for female entrepreneurs + creatives who work for and by themselves.

Hosted by our founder, Lola, The One Girl Band Podcast is a podcast for female entrepreneurs and creatives who work for and by themselves. Filled with real, truthful insights into running a small creative business, they're little pep talks from someone who has been in the same boat as you. With chats about mindset, self care, and confidence, as well as the more technical side of business such as content marketing, goal setting etc, this podcast is for anyone who craves empowerment, support and connection.

The episodes vary between showcasing real-life One Girl Band's with their inspiring words of wisdom and solo episodes that are filled with purposeful and practical advice.

You can find all show notes and transcripts for solo episodes on our blog.

* winners of Blogosphere’s Podcast of The Year 2019 *

Lola’s podcast is great. She’s got some amazing advice and it always seems to be perfectly timed somehow. If I have doubts and worries about my business, she seems to have the answers.
— CurlyGingerTwin via iTunes
Brilliant! Lola is the angel with the right words at the right time. Focuses my mind with every word and gives the reality check I often need. Lola, keep up the good work. You are beyond AWESOME! Thank you.
— Mrsmodo via iTunes
This is such a refreshing new podcast for female creatives- instead of repeating the same advice we are given so regularly about how to push your business to the next level, this podcast has so far given real, actionable advice and how to actually just do the stuff we need to do, whilst feeling motivate, encouraged and inspired. I’m super impressed with this, and I feel like I’ve been working a lot smarter as a result of Lola’s guidance. Thank you, keep them coming!
— Frances Stephens