Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Copy That’s Oozing With Your Personality by Sophie French

I'm handing it over to the superb Sophie French today. Sophie is a copywriter for coaches and creatives, and she's possibly the nicest person I've ever met. If you're struggling with what to put down when it comes to your product descriptions, blog posts, Instagram captions, Sophie is going to help you come to grips with it. She also wrote a blog about one of our meet ups at Studio NL back in November, have a read here.

You may have heard on the grapevine that you need to write great copy, right? But if you’re not a natural writer, that fact can be totally daunting. You may love talking about your biz, but feel ‘ick’ when it comes to writing about it, or, perhaps even worse when it comes to talking/writing about yourself

Whilst you’re so amazing at what you do, writing just isn’t one of your skills and therefore your general process is to reluctantly get something down into words, then hope for the best that everyone is so blown away by your stunning website that they never read what you’ve written and you get away without caring about what you write forever and ever…

Whatever the case of your copy right now - I’m here to be the bearer of both the good and bad news. The bad news: your copy is a HUGELY important part of your online presence and is a key part in your building a personal brand that your customers will connect to. The good news: it’s really easy to do, and do well, once you know how!

And once you know the people in the know! (Ahem, that’s me! Hi!)

I'm a copywriter with a whole treasure chest full of magic tips and tricks for writing copy that's oozing with you, and I'm here to share them!                     

And if you're asking: but why is my copy so important, and why an earth does it need to ooze with my personality?                         

Well I'll tell you...                           

Building a beautiful website and brand, but not focusing on the copy you write, is like, having the most gorgeous dress, hairstyle and make-up for a first date, but not actually doing any talking.        

Carefully crafted copy completes your package, which makes you attractive to a potential client (oh, or potential second date!)

 And that’s because: the way we ‘market stuff’ and the way we 'consume stuff' has changed. In fact, a whole new age is emerging that’s transforming the way we do business altogether.                

As consumers (which we all are) we've now become super switched on to when people are trying to sell to us, and we don’t like it.

What does turn us on though, and has us wanting to part with our money quite happily, is when we feel like we have a connection with a person/brand, when we feel like we know them and when we feel like they ‘get’ us. (Yep, it’ all about feelings and emotions - we’re getting soft in our old but new age.)                 

It’s no longer about what our business can do, but how we make people feel. (And what evokes feelings better than carefully crafted words?)                      

Here, I’ve put together some powerful yet simple-to-action tips for you, so you can infuse your copy with your personality, share your message in a concise way, and get your peeps connecting to you!

Here they are:

  1. Write like you speak

  2. Tell a story

  3. Keep it simple, sista!

1. Write like you speak

Writing like you speak also means being conversational, which instantly puts your potential clients at ease and makes you seem as friendly and approachable as you are.

Basically, just because it’s business doesn’t mean you have to pop on your ‘formal’ hat - just be yourself.

(Tip: To do this, imagine you’re sitting down for a cuppa with your bestie and telling them about your business, and then, record it! Getting familiar with the way you talk about your biz will make it easier to translate it into writing!)

2. Tell A Story

The easiest way to get people to REMEMBER you, is to tell a story about you / your business. Whether you’re writing your about page, a blog post or an Instagram caption - crafting a story around it is the most powerful way to get a reaction from your readers.

If you were dogsitting for my pet pooch for example, and I told you not to feed him any snacks, you might well forget and drop him a sneaky biscuit. But if I told you a story about his explosive diarrhoea that blasts the snack-giver whenever he eats anything other than dog food, likelihood is you’d remember it..

We all have a story to tell, whether it’s about ourselves, our ‘why’ for getting into business, or the overwhelming, borderline obsessive love we have for our dog...                                         

So uncover what makes you, you, and write about that. It infuses personality to your brand, adds a fact to make you memorable, and connects to your reader by making you more human.

3. Keep it simple, sista!

Our fast-paced quick info sharing digital world means it’s important to get to the nitty gritty pronto in your copy.

Before you start writing anything, get really clear on the key message/s you want that piece of content to convey - that way, you’ll avoid going off on a tangent and you’ll stick to what you want to say, and most importantly, to what your reader wants to read.

Tip: Write your headline first for your blog post for example, as it will give you a guide to keep coming back to. ‘Am I answering what I say I will in the headline, does this point link back to the headline?’

Remember: Often, we don’t get down to what we actually want to say until the third or fourth paragraph - so you don’t have to go with the first thing you write down. Get into the flow by doing a brain dump first, and then edit, edit, edit so you keep it snappy and stick to the point.

Download your free copywriting printable from Sophie below!