How coaching grew my business

I've just finished my sessions with my wonderful coach, Ebonie Allard, so I thought I should put together a post for those who are interested in having a coach/mentor, or having a Power Session, with some truth-bombs thrown in for some good measure (just to show you I've been in the exact same position as you)

Last year, I was ready to throw in the towel. I, of course, didn't tell anyone, but I was broke, no clients were coming in and my relationships with myself, my partner and family were suffering deeply. I knew it was time to take action in order to live the life I wanted, but I couldn't think of anything else I could do. I had awful brain fog, and I just felt tired with my business. That's when I was introduced to Ebonie. Having a coach changed my life. I wish that wasn't such a cliché-sounding statement because it really did, both my personal life and my career. Although, I did have a few thoughts in the back of my mind before deciding to go ahead, ranging from:

  • Do I have the cash to do this?
  • How can I call myself a coach/mentor if I have a coach myself?
  • Will it really change anything?

In short, no I didn't have the extra cash. But, I soon realised no one has extra money, ever. I knew I needed to do this in order to stay in business, so I sold a few things I no longer needed and got a loan from a family member. I didn't even need to use the loan in the end, that's how effective coaching was/how much work I put into coaching. There are a ton of free resources out there on setting up and running a business. You can type a search into Google and easily find help in the practicalities of growing your business. But building a creative, purpose-driven business requires more than that. Your business is an extension of you so it makes sense that to build something successful, you need to develop and invest in your business and yourself. 

With the next question, Ebonie reassured me that all the best coaches have coaches. It was nothing to hang your ego up on, and showed me that we do all need help from time to time.

And did it really change anything? Yes. I don't have the worry I was going to bed with every night anymore. I now wake up every morning ready to smash the day, rather than feeling disheartened or unmotivated. 


So, how exactly did a coach grow my business?


It gave me clarity and confidence.

Before coaching, I couldn't communicate what I wanted from my career, or even my life, but afterwards, I know exactly what the next five years will look like. After my first coaching session, I felt ready to get back on the horse. We came up with a plan to get people looking again, to get clients and to essentially, bring money back in. It also created the space needed to explore new ideas.

A good coach is skilled in asking the right questions, allowing you to access and explore new ideas. The coaching conversation is a safe space to explore ideas, without fear of judgment. Entrepreneurship can be lonely sometimes and having someone to bounce thoughts off can be the catalyst for taking your business to a new level. 

My days are now purposeful.

Before, I was working on whatever was on my to do list that day. My days were random and the schedule I had didn't allow too much movement if an urgent project came in. My days now have purpose, with everything scheduled within an inch of it's life (including play time!) and it keeps my productivity and confidence in myself topped up. Now that OGB is my main focus, we came up with a schedule that reflected that, giving a day in the week to all things LH design too. I work on a batch day schedule, where everything is planned by each day of the week, and now I don't have to flit from accounting to content writing, or designing to 

It showed me what was most important.

As much as I love creating and designing products for LH design, I realised through coaching just how passionate I am about helping women like me. Women who are self employed, in business, but are feeling lonely and isolated, and just need some support and encouragement. Coaching helped me realise that at the end of the day, I want to be known for doing just that. Life is too short to be focussing on anything else but your dream. 

So, whether you are seeking purpose and accountability, a place to explore what's holding you back without judgment, or some focus and clarity, maybe consider investing in coaching/mentoring to help your business get to the next level.

If you'd like to find out more about how the Power Sessions could help you, head here to book in a clarity call! 

Ebonie also offers a brilliant course called Maven to Misfit in 80 Days, I really recommend it.