Recap on our Social Media Expertise Session

Hi girls! 

Thank you for all who attended our first ES since the relaunch last Wednesday. It was so great to meet you all, hear your inspiring stories and I can't wait to see what you get up to. 

For those who couldn't make it, don't worry! I'll always be putting the notes/any freebies up on The Hub afterwards. So, here you are! If you have any questions, please feel free to write a comment below or over the facebook group.


  • What’s the best way to brand your social media?

  • How can I get more engagement?

  • How can I get my socials to result in sales?

  • What to post and when to post

  • Tips on scheduling and time management


  • Social Media 30 day challenge

  • Social Media Info PDF

  • Social Media Schedule  

To remember:

  • You don’t need to be on EVERY platform. Choose what works best for you and what you enjoy. You don’t need to be everywhere in order to be seen.

  • Find out where your ideal customers/audience are hanging out.

  • Quality not quantity.

  • Keep social etiquette in mind; always ask permission to post other’s content, be kind, be courteous and don’t be a lurker, get involved!

What’s the best way to brand your social media?

This is something I’m going to mention lots as it’s so so important. You must know your ideal customer/audience before you start on social media. You want to get it right from the get go, so make sure you know where they are hanging on, what platform they use the most and what they are going to respond to. For example, If your ideal customers are 25-35, have a reasonable income but not disposable, enjoy clean, minimal interiors, then make sure your feed represents that. Have your prices correct for them, make sure your images are clean and minimal and are going to attract that crowd.

Instagram // The easiest way to attract your crowd  is to have a consistent, coherent feed that they can relate to and enjoy. Stick to a ‘theme’ as it were. You could post images with a white square around it, but make sure you consistently do on every post else it won’t make sense aesthetically. If you have a service, keep your shots relevant and beautiful.

Pinterest // Have a picture of you as your PP. Make sure your bio has a link to your mailing list with a mention of your opt in as well as your website link. This gives people another chance to click the next link if they don’t click the first. Make sure your first board is all about your business. Images from other socials, your products, your blog posts, your services etc. The rest of your boards must be relevant to your business, so if you’re a decorating company have inspiration for bedrooms, inspiration for kitchens etc. If you’re a florist, have wedding inspiration boards but really break it down. One could be bouquets, the other buttonholes.

Twitter // a picture of you or your logo works here, you choose. Remember the promo ratio. For every time you promote yourself, promote another three people. Keep tweets fun, don’t rant about Tesco’s customer service, it doesn’t look good on you or your business.

How can I get more engagement?

  • Connect with your ideal customers. Spark up real, authentic conversations, don’t leave any ‘check me out’ comments.

  • Create relatable, shareable content. If you’re an illustrator/graphic designers, come up with graphics/drawings etc that are current.

  • 87% of facebook interaction happen on a photo post, so include photo’s on any of your updates.

  • The same with Twitter. If you’re promo-ing something, create a nice graphic or an image to tweet along side the link.

What to Post and when to Post


- share other’s blog posts + products.

- share relevant articles.

- post your own products, services, blog posts.

- announce giveaways + discounts.

- share links to your mailing list.

- post something personal.

 - share inspiration (credit!).



- share relevant images for your blog posts to get your audience over there.

- post images of your workspace.

- share WIP’s or behind the scenes.

- regram other’s images of your products (with permission + credit).

- announce giveaways + discounts.

- Use Instagram Stories! Take videos of yourself creating work, in your workspace, get creative.



- pin your blog posts, products + service page.

- pin other’s articles + blog posts.

- pin your Instagram images.

- share inspiration (credit!)

AT LEAST 5 PINS A DAY (sat AM is best)


- share your blog posts, products + services.

- share other’s articles + blog posts.

- share Instagram images.

- announce giveaways + discounts.

- share links to mailing list.


How can I get my socials to result in sales?

  • Again, you need to know who your ideal customer/audience is. Who they are, where they hang out on the internet, what they like, what their interests are. If you don’t know this, you’re not going to get very far as you’ll just be talking into air.

  • Create relationships. Connect in an authentic way. Reply to comments and tweets promptly, make your current followers feel amazing.

  • Share images of your products in lifestyle (how they look will in your customer’s home). This is what customer’s photos are great for.

  • Share a different side of your products they’ll only see if they buy it (like the underside or at a different viewpoint than what you usually do)

  • Try to avoid giving discount codes more than once, twice a year. It undervalues your work, and gives customers who aren’t necessarily ‘yours’ a chance to buy when they don’t love it, they just love the price. That goes for all trades. It also gives off a desperation feel.


Tips on scheduling and time management

The key to getting a handle on your social media scheduling is planning. It’s almost like you have to plan to plan!

The beginning of each month

  • Use a blank monthly schedule/planner.

  • Plan a loose theme for each week. Could be you need to promote something that week in time for an event, like mother’s day. Or if you have a few different services, one week could be all about

  • Research articles you’ll want to tweet and pin that are relevant to each week. Perhaps create a folder or pinterest board that keeps them all in one place.

The beginning of each week

  • Either Sunday evening or Monday morning, put aside an hour (at most) to schedule your social media according to the theme for that week. If you can’t think of things for the whole week, you need to research a bit more at the beginning of the month. But you can also schedule every three days if you have the time.

Extra Info

  • Buffer is great for scheduling your tweets.
  • Have you switched to a business account yet on Instagram? There’s a cool analytics tool on there that shows when is the best time for you to post according to when your followers are online which will help with scheduling.

Download the freebies here and here!