Branding: Why You Need a Brand Style Guide

A brand style guide is an incredibly important aspect of your branding, and today you’ll learn why, as well as how. A style guide is effectively a go-to, concise resource for yourself to look back on whenever you are planning anything that you need to show your brand through.

The main reasons for having a Brand Style Guide are:

  1. You’ll stay consistent without distorting or veering off from your brand.

  2. It will improve your marketing and social media efforts, as well showing off your confidence and expertise.

  3. The more you refer to it, the more you’ll understand and remember your brand’s tone, mission and expression. It will become more focussed and consistent, making it incredibly clear to your ideal audience.

Style guides are also incredibly helpful if you need to hand something over to another person (e.g. if you eventually end up hiring an assistant or an extra pair of hands) as you can give them the guide to refer to, therefore they will know where the brand stands and how it communicates.


An example of a brand style guide I created for Daisy Leaf

An example of a brand style guide I created for Daisy Leaf


The key features of a Brand Style Guide


Primary Logo

This is where your primary logo (the main logo you’ll be using the most) will be placed.


This is the motif you’ll be using throughout your identity.


Any sort of pattern or background you’ll use in your identity should go here.


Here is where you’ll place your business card design, any stickers, thank you notes, letterheads etc. Anything that portrays your brand and is used for marketing purposes.

Colour Palette

The main colours you use throughout your identity and makes it undeniably that, should go here.

Text Palette

This is where your chosen typefaces will go. Don’t go overboard and always keep it to a maximum of two.


It’s also a great idea to make a separate style guide that has your key mission, values and tone stated on there. Here are some ideas to put on there:

  • Explanation of Brand

    • Values: What values do you adhere to?

    • Voice: what sort of voice will you use? Create a list of adjectives that explain your tone.

    • Uses: Where will your brand be used?

    • Mission: What is your mission statement? Keep it as clear and concise as possible.

  • Tone

    • Explain your tone in as much detail as you can. Are you corporate, friendly or humorous? Your tone will create a personality for your company or project, so make it clear and focused.

Here, you’ll find a PSD template that you can use to create your style guide. You get a fancy new brand style guide in our branding package, so have a look if that sounds of interest to you!