finding your perfect customer (+ free worksheet)

When you first starting thinking about setting up your own venture, how did you go about it?

Did you A) have an amazing idea for some beautiful handbags, threw yourself into designing them straight away, worked out costings, got a friend’s friend to draw up a logo, and then started production?

Or did you B) have an amazing idea for some beautiful handbags, worked out who would be buying them, worked out costing, started designing, and then produced?

Which option do you think is better?

It’s B.

Before doing any of your designing, production, branding, marketing strategy, you must know exactly who you are selling to.

If you don’t know who your products are for, how are you going to know how to market to them? Will you take certain things into account during the design process? Will your branding go down a different route to ensure it attracts your ideal customer? Knowing who that person is, and knowing them well, will save you a lot of time, aggro, and money.

What I tend to suggest to clients is get a sheet of paper, and write down anything that is linked to your customer. Here is the worksheet that I give to them (for you to download, print out and keep for whenever you create a new product, offering, advertisement, anything).

Find a quiet place, make it cosy (but not too cosy that you fall asleep- I’ve definitely done it), get your pen and write down the answers. First, use it as a brain-dump. Write down whatever first comes into your mind. Then, when you’ve completed it, go back and sit with your answers. Find the true heart of them, and go deep. Get as specific as you can. You’ll then find yourself discovering who your ideal customer is exactly.

Afterwards, you’ll then be able to:

  • Figure out what social platforms they are spending their time on. Spend your time being active where it matters most.

  • Create and sell better products or services because you are able to anticipate your markets’ concerns, behaviors, and wants.

  • Be more effective in your advertising. Knowing where and who to target is especially important for things like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

  • Write better copy for your website, ads, and emails because you will have a clear understanding of their pain points, needs, desires and wants.

Let me know how you get on, and as always, I’m cheering you on!

If you've missed it, the worksheet is here.

businessLola Hoad