How to Create Content That Will Make Your Ideal Audience Swoon

how to create content that will make your ideal audience swoon

What you say is crucial, but how you say it can make all the difference.

By now, you’ll know how important it is to find out exactly who your ideal audience are. It can spell the difference between getting it bang-on and reaching your goals, or getting it slightly off and not getting the results you expected. It’s also about tuning into what makes your people tick - what are their views, beliefs, most inner thoughts, dreams or challenges? How do they view the world?

And when you understand the worldview your ideal audience share, you can frame your story, communication and content in a way that resonates so strongly with them that they’re left swooning and shouting at the computer:

‘YES, she gets me’.

You need to be able to intentionally write for them, rather than you or your pals, in order to really hit home. That’s not to say that writing content that you relate to is wrong -- in fact, a lot of magic happens then, especially if you are your ideal audience -- but just as much magic can happen when you use the space you’ve created on this tiny part of the internet to connect with your people and get them to trust you, so that they can buy into you and your products/services.

In order to create content that will make your people jump up and down and frantically rush to your checkout, explore the following options:

Who is my dream customer/client? If you haven’t figured it out yet, go here.

What exactly am I trying to accomplish with this content? Knowing exactly what you want to achieve - whether that’s more sales, more visits to your site, more subscribers/followers - will make planning content a lot easier.

What challenges/pain points do they have? What content can I create that will solve that problem? People consume your content to get your view, your advice or your expertise on a certain topic. Make sure that your content is relevant to them, and also shows that you know what you’re on about. For example, if you’re a maker and one of your ideal customer’s challenges is that they don’t know where to find independent sellers outside of the high street, you could write a blog post listing all of your favourite ones (and include yourself on there -- it’s not cheeky, it’s plonking yourself down in front of them). If you’re a Virtual Assistant, you could create content on how to be more productive or how to delegate. Show them your expertise and they’ll think of you the next time they need help.

Think of someone you’ve worked with in the past who is your definition of a perfect customer. Write a piece of content that speaks to them. You know when someone has ordered a product from you, and it was just so smooth? All the communication was easy, they loved the work and told all of their friends about you. Think back to them and create a piece of content that they would love.