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Episode 050 // Q+A


Fifty episodes of laughs, inappropriate swears and a lot of the cold, hard truth around entrepreneurship. Fifty! How has that happened?! We’re so excited about what’s to come and we honestly can’t thank you enough for getting us here.

In a bid to practise what we preach and put inclusivity and accessibility at the forefront, we’re now going to publish transcripts for solo episodes on here (and hopefully, eventually, guest episodes). There’s room for everyone at the table.

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4 changes to make to your money mindset

This article was first seen as a Weekly Letter.

Money is a subject that we tend to shy away from. Maybe it’s because of Britishness, or that we’ve been taught it’s rude to talk about- I don’t really know. What I do know is that it’s more than healthy to talk about money. In fact, it’s vital that we open up a dialogue about it so we can learn more about our mindset and start living the life we want.

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