One Girl Band is a collective for self-identifying female entrepreneurs + creatives who work for and by themselves.

Our story

One Girl Band started in 2015 as a response to the isolation and loneliness our founder, Lola felt as a new and wide-eyed small business owner.

She had started her first business in the previous year and with spending a lot of time on social media (like most modern entrepreneurs), she soon began connecting with amazing women who were doing their own thing but also feeling incredibly lonely with working from home and alone. As great as social media is for connecting and meeting likeminded people, it’s also a stickler for conjuring up intense feelings of self-doubt, imposter syndrome and other countless confidence issues, and Lola knew this was holding back some real magic.

Having seen the real need and craving women in business had for support, empowerment, and connection, she felt a need to get these women into the same room in real life to show that we truly were all in the same boat so she started hosting meet-ups in a restaurant in Brighton.

The meet-ups soon gained incredible popularity and OGB became Lola’s true passion and purpose. With a Facebook group, monthly meet-ups and Expertise Sessions, we then progressed to opening up the OGB Space in February 2017. Housed in a warehouse in the North Laine of Brighton, we reached capacity within 6 months and have since facilitated some awe-inspiring business owners, freelancers, makers and creators who were longing to get their businesses off of their kitchen tables and into a supportive, inclusive environment filled with like-minded women in the same boat. Since Lola relocated to Scotland in 2019, our Brighton Space closed it’s doors and we opened up a new Space in the centre of Glasgow.

Being a One Girl Band doesn't have to be lonely.

our mission

Our main aim is to show women in business that they are not alone. They’re not alone in feeling isolated, or incapable, or stuck, or not taken seriously. We are all in the same boat and we are all winging it. Let’s wing it together.

We want to empower and support women in their business journeys by connecting them to a nurturing, passionate community; proving that magic happens when we work together rather than against. We live and breathe community over competition.

We’re for the designers, writers, makers, creators, photographers, artists, PA’s, PR’s, tutors, social media/marketing  managers, charity workers, shop owners, animators, stylists, musicians; anyone who works for and by themselves. We welcome anyone who self-identifies as a woman, from all walks of life, and stand firm in our beliefs around inclusivity (including members of the trans and non-binary communities). There’s a seat at the table for everyone.

We don't believe in stuffy networking events full of suits and bad feelings and we don't believe you have to follow the same journey as every other creative business owner. You have the power to go your own way and to reach your version of success without following a ‘rulebook’.

As an independent, self-funded platform, we don’t have tonnes of money behind us but what we do have is heart, purpose, and community (and we’d argue that those are the most important).

there’s a seat at the table for everyone.

How we do it


  • We have regular coffee mornings where we gather to chat about our ventures; our ups and our downs and gain some insight into each other's lives. 

  • We have a closed Facebook group full to the brim with creative women who are just like you. 


  • We have a dedicated coworking space in the centre of Glasgow, full of inspirational women doing their own thing and finding their community.




  • We have Expertise Sessions where an industry professional will come and talk about the in's and out's of running a business, such as accounting, social media, product photography, time management etc.

  • We offer online courses such as ‘Busy Doesn’t Equal Success’.



  • Our founder, Lola, creates a world of supportive content such as the OGB podcast, newsletters and the blog, that is full of knowledge, advice, and real, human insights into being a female entrepreneur.

photography provided by Nadia Meli and Emma Croman