what we do.

One Girl Band is a collective for         female entrepreneurs + creatives.

We have regular meet ups and Expertise Sessions around the UK, primarily in our dedicated coworking/workshop space in Brighton, where we sit and chat over good coffee, supporting + nurturing one another in this crazy race we call self-employment. We have a podcast, and a blog full of resources to help you get to your version of success. As well as that, we also offer coaching services to help guide you on this zig-zaggy journey. 

Our Mission

We want to encourage and empower women into business. We want to show just how capable you are of being a One Girl Band, and how you are more than good enough. We don't believe in stuffy networking events full of suits and bad feelings. Our meet ups are informal and full of real-life chat. We encourage each other to talk about the things we've achieved, and what we want to do with our ventures, as well as our challenges and trials.

With OGB, we want to encourage women to be their brilliant selves with no apologies. We want to connect you all, and ensure you know how great + brave you are for setting up your own venture, whilst living the life you want. We welcome everyone, from all walks of life.

One Girl Band opened my eyes. It showed me how we all perceive things differently, that we’re all human! Thank you for making me feel human in my successes and not-so-successes.
— Olivia, Creative Consultant/One Girl Band

Being a One Girl Band doesn't have to be lonely.

Imagine meeting other likeminded women who share the same passions and aspirations as you. Become a member of OGB and meet women like you, in real life at our monthly meet ups, and through our online community. You gain access to a world of knowledge, information and community. What could be better than benefitting both your business and yourself, whilst making pals in the process?  

It's for you if:

  • You identify as a woman.
  • You have/or you do want to have your own business
  • You are a One Girl Band. I.e, it is just you in your venture
  • You are feeling a bit lonely or isolated working by yourself
  • You feel no one in your immediate circle (partners, family, friends) completely understand your venture
  • You want to feel empowered in your decisions
  • You crave some calmness in your life
  • You want to be connected to other One Girl Bands, women in the same boat as you
  • You are committed and excited at the prospect of creating a better life for yourself.

If this is you, then you're our girl.

How we do it


  • We have regular 'original' meet ups where we gather to chat about our ventures, our ups, our downs and gain some insight into each other's lives. Tickets are usually £10.

  • We have a closed Facebook group full to the brim with creative women who are just like you. 


  • We have a dedicated coworking space in the centre of Brighton, full of inspirational women doing their own thing and craving some community.





  • We have Expertise Sessions where an industry professional comes in, and we learn about the in's and out's of running a business, such as accounting, social media, product photography, time management etc... Tickets are usually £15.



  • Mentoring and branding services are provided by our founder, to give you the real life advice and knowledge needed in order to be a successful One Girl Band.
  • Our Founder, Lola, creates a world of supportive content, like the OGB podcastweekly newsletters and the blog, that is full of knowledge, advice, and real, human insights into being a female entrepreneur. 

photography provided by Matthew Wiebe (above) and Catriona McLoughlin (below)